Pakistan Traditional Sports And Games Association -TSG Pakistan

Welcome Pakistan  Traditional  Sports And Games Association. ( TSG Pakistan)

welcome to Pakistan Traditional Sports And Games Association,                  
TSG Pakistan  was introduced in Pakistan by , 2016 Tariq Javed Ali.
To promote  Traditional Sports And Games  as a kind of sport worldwide, to take necessary measures in this direction and to involve the people to mass competitions in this sphere, to make friendly and fraternal relations between national  Traditional Sports And Games , playears, groups and schools by joining them together,

Pakistan Traditional Sports And Games Association-TSG Pakistan,  recognizes   Traditional Sports And Games as a cultural heritage of Pakistan, respects its historical roots and philosophy. TSG Pakistan considers a priority the development of   as a kind of  Traditional Sports 
Tariq Javed Ali got involved in Traditional Sports And Games Activities and tried   his best to Spread this  games all over Pakistan.
About  TSG Pakistan
Traditional Sports and Games are considered universal means of communication. For every one "Pakistan Traditional Sports and Games Association " (TSG Pakistan) means new strength, vitality, joy and constant challenge to personal performance, recovery and preservation of the former quality of life.
The association is a charitable and non-profit organization (NPO). The objectives of the 
TSG Pakistan are promotion and dissemination of traditional Sports and Games in PAKISTAN and  ASIA  And worldwide, the network of partner organizations and development of traditional Sports and Games as sport for all (competitive, disabled, youth, family and recreational sports).

This aim is pursued in particular through the implementation of the following tasks:

1.     Engaging in sport activities and performance of a social, cultural and humanistic contribution to the sport, health and physical education;

2.     Researching and documenting the history of traditional games and sports;

3.     Collection and preservation of ancient documents, games and sports equipment;

4.     Organization and coordination of National competitions;

5.     Establishing strong contacts between national organizations;

6.     Collaboration with Sports Museums and networking with National sports federations and organizations pursuing similar goals;

7.     Promoting school and youth sport;

8.     Advice and support for national  wheelchair and disability sports organizations;

9.     Engaging in National understanding, in particular the Pakistan and international integration, reduction of violence and racism in society, facilitating effective implementation of gender equality, equality between healthy people and people with disabilities.